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1963: The Beatles' Christmas Record
1964: Another Beatles Christmas Record
1965: The Beatles' Third Christmas Record
1966: The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record

1967: Christmas Time Is Here Again!
1968: The Beatles' 1968 Christmas Record
1969: The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record


Date LP Released: November 18, 1970
Dates LP Recorded: 1963-1969
Studio Recorded: Various Studios
Record Label: Apple Records
Album Producer(s): Tony Barrow, George Martin, Kenny Everett
Album Total Length: 43:58

Brief Album Description: The Beatles' Christmas records were spoken and musical messages from English rock group The Beatles that were posted out on flexi disc at Christmas time to members of their official fan-clubs in the United Kingdom and the United States. One such record was issued each year from 1963 to 1969 and an LP compilation of all seven in 1970. Conceived as a means to appease fan-club members whose letters, due to their sheer volume, were not always being answered in a timely manner, the records included the Beatles' messages of thanks to "loyal Beatle people", along with skits, Christmas carols, and original compositions. None of the original recordings has ever been subject to general release, though a version of "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)", an original composition which appeared in edited form on the 1967 record, eventually gained an official release in 1995, as part of The Beatles Anthology project.

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