Old Brown Shoe
Lyrics by George Harrison / Lead Vocals: George Harrison

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I want a love that's right but right is only half of what's wrong
I want a short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long
Now I'm stepping out this old brown shoe, baby, I'm in love with you
I'm so glad you came here, it won't be the same now, I'm telling you

You know you pick me up from where some try to drag me down
And when I see your smile replace every thoughtless frown
Got me escaping from this zoo, baby, I'm in love with you
I'm so glad you came here, it won't be the same now when I'm with you

If I grow up I'll be a singer wearing rings on every finger
Not worrying what they or you say I'll live and love and maybe someday
Who knows, baby, you may comfort me

I may appear to be imperfect, my love is something you can't reject
I'm changing faster than the weather if you and me should get together
Who knows, baby, you may comfort me

I want that love of yours, to miss that love is something I'd hate
I'll make an early start, I'm making sure that I'm not late
For you sweet top lip I'm in the queue, baby, I'm in love with you
I'm so glad you came here, it won't be the same now when I'm with you
I'm so glad you came here, it won't be the same now when I'm with you

Released on LP on Feb. 26, 1970 on Apple Records.
Released as a Single on June 4, 1969.

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